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Elegant Wedding Theme:

Blush and Purple

Its finally February, the month of LOVE. I know everyone thinks of hot pink and red but i like to be little less traditional by doing blush and purples. It still is ultra feminine but with an unexpected twist. What is more girly than blush and purple you ask? Well if Barbie were here, there would be hot pink! Well Barbie didn’t plan this wedding so blush and purple it is! For this decor we started with the sequin rose gold runners and layered it with white chargers, white plates with gold trim and these gorgeous blush and gold salad plates. Pairing with gold flatware, white napkin and Pioneer Woman purple iridescent goblets. Its ok to sigh, it was dreamy!

CREDIT: Jessica Nelson

Stunning Florals

The flowers are a beautiful blend of purple tulips, roses (Queen of the Night), genestra, and Ranunculus also stock and lilies for her bouquet.

Our Large

Chalkboard Backdrop

The real show stopper here, besides the bride of course, is the large 8 ft. x 8 ft. chalkboard. Written on by yours truly! The chalkboard was one of the first items added to Jarman Farms inventory! Can you believe it?! Its absolutely beautiful and can be used in many ways, but that will have to be its own post! No time for that here!

CREDIT: Kammie Maschue

CREDIT: Kammie Maschue

For Taylor, family is so very important and she wanted them to feel included on their special day. One way we tried to accomplish this was by doing all the immediate family names on the chalkboard. It really gave it a special touch.

Dear Taylor & Kyle

Taylor and Kyle,The two of you have a special place in my heart. I will always be grateful that you chose me to be there for you on your wedding day. It was my greatest pleasure to serve you!



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